< How to order a special guide >
(1) Because English is the everyday language we do not contact us by phone to communicate accurate, straightening, please contact us via email.
First of all, enter into the Office of Customs Administration Internet home page of your country. And tariff and customs of the product can be ordered enough to find out whether or not to order. And also, before ordering the goods, international shipment expense, inquire whether to be stock etc.with this email.
(3) All items are sold in the company wondered about the details, please contact the straightening
email will reply within 24 hours.
(4) Return Policy: Unopened items may be returned within 7 days for a full refund. Only unopened items may be returned. But product damage, deterioration, etc. is exceptional. Therefore, return costs are too expensive, if possible, so carefully make purchase decisions.
Shipping Policy: All of our products are sold throughout the world. Shipping methods are EMS(Express Mail Service), or FedEx Home Delivery. Shipping method is determined based on package weight and shipping destination. Please contact us for more accurate international shipping charge for multiple items.
Global handling time: The handling time is the number of business days the seller will take to ship the item after receiving your cleared payment. A payment is considered "cleared" after the money from the buyer has been deposited into the sellers account. However, in categories where permitted, if the buyer pays by check, or money order, it may take several days. If you want to receive the item quickly, complete your payment to the seller as soon as possible.
* Related instructions provide information products to the Fair Trade Commission Notification.
Provides detailed information for each product displayed on this site with all the best. But unintentionally provided goods may be a lack of information. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if it finds insufficient information. Immediately after confirmation will be answered by e-mail.

< How to pay for your purchase >
1st, Ordering Tips
To purchase this product, quantity, and for receiving the goods address, name, phone number, etc. please let us know by e-mail below. Then the cost of shipping, price, payment method will tell you again. And we will usually ship within 2 business days of days of receiving prepayment. And the selling price is applied differentially according to your order quantity.
Order/Contact : kortop@nate.comforcure@hotmail.com, Fax(+82 303 0563 7000)

- If possible, send a message via mobile phone text (+82 10 3627 1771) message or KakaoTalk so we can check it at any time around the clock.

- When sending a message to us via mobile text message or KakaoTalk, it is easy for us to respond only if you send the correct country and region name in which you live.
* 2nd, You can choose one of the following two banks to make a deposit.
And for your reference, you can make a deposit by choosing one of the following two convenient banks. The first is the bank account number of the company representative, and the second is the bank account number of the company name.

A) CitiBank Korea
Account Number: 375 08231 265 01, Account Holder: Hoon Jung
ABA Code(Routing Number): Not used
Chips No.CH031986

Address of the Bank(Head office): 39, Dadong, Chung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Address of the Beneficiary:
822-1, Gammun-ro, Gammun-myeon, Gimcheon-si, Gyeong-buk 39512,
Republic of Korea.
Beneficiary Name: Hoon Jung

B) Industrial Bank of Korea
Account Number: 617-035054-01-019
Account Holder: Kortop Corporation
ABA(Routing Number: None
Chips No: None
Address of the Bank(head office): 79, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Address of the Beneficiary: 822-1, Gammun-ro, Gammun-myeon, Gimcheon-si, Gyeong-buk 39512, Republic of Korea
Beneficiary Name: Kortop Corporation

- It must not forget notified by email.
- Shipping
will start when the transfer is confirmed.
The product price as the current notice has been issued to refer to your temporary, changes in exchange rates are often calculated by starting your order,
so please remember that.

* 3rd, Delivery time anywhere in the world and are as follows:
However, each country depending on customs clearance, etc. there may be some differences).
Urgent EMS Mail: It takes approximately 3-5 days (shipping cost is expensive).
General Air Mail: It takes approximately 10-15 days (shipping cost is in the middle).
Slow Surface Mail: It takes approximately 20-60 days (shipping cost
is cheaper).
< Other Notices >
All items are handled by "the government office" Whether for the body, composition, and other strict quality control checks and certified goods and, therefore, does not treat unauthorized items.
* This site customer's personal identification will not be saved.
* Some of the products without prior understanding may be discontinued
or sold out (absence of stock).
Disclaimer: All of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
* A guide to translational errors
Translate this website as a non-native speakers due to differences in cultural relations, there may be errors in translation.  Found errors in translation let us know by email as soon as we will modify. This point you should understand a huge heart.

< Health foods, medical devices, cosmetics, etc. are combined wholesale & retail >
Kortop Corporation
E-mail: kortop@nate.com, forcure@hotmail.com
The exact order and for communication must be used here)
Facsimile: +82-303-0563-7000 (Also for the correct order is available here)
Phone: +82-502-563-7000, Cellular Phone: +82-10-3627-1771

At this time, it will be convenient to use text messages and KakaoTalk.)
* Notice: The site we do not have an interpreter to speak in English, do not use the phone.
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